Salt therapy equipment

The most reliable and advanced salt therapy equipment

S.A.L.T. Chamber Inc. has a top quality halogenerators  that we offer for affordable price as well as exclusive and unique collection of dry salt therapy equipment for individual  or home use. S.A.L.T. BED Solo/ salt cocoon, S.A.L.T. BOOTH, S.A.L.T. CABIN are great solutions for those who prefer not to build a salt room but still want to add dry salt therapy as part of their existing business or looking to have salt therapy treatments at the convenience of their own home.

The most beautiful and effective Himalayan S.A.L.T DÉCOR solutions for every budget.

Himalayan S.A.L.T. DÉCOR  is a smart and practical choice for your salt room or for any other room that needs a “touch of nature”.   S.AL.T. Chamber Inc. has exclusively developed Himalayan SALT PANELS that bring healing vibration and beauty to any space.

Himalayan salt has proven to have the most superior combination of minerals and pollution free source for salt on the planet.  Our wall panels represent the only truly functional salt room wall decor currently available.
The completely customizable and easily managed panels are composed of large sections of pure, beautiful Himalayan crystal salt.  The jagged protrusions of crystal not only create an artful and unique appearance, but provide a huge surface area unmarred by glue, so that molecules of salt are constantly being absorbed into the air.

While our top-of-the-line halogenerators are of course able to provide the most precise controlled environment for treatment purposes, experts agree that salt from the Himalayan mountains provides health benefits above and beyond the effects of salt therapy.  The materials and design of our salt rooms truly set us apart in terms of creating a space that can provide the coveted health benefits of a natural salt cave, in and of itself.

  • No construction required
  • Easy installation
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Environmental healing benefits
  • Exceptionally  beautiful and relaxing
  • Not permanent and reusable